lines and lighting - phuket hotel

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note to chairs

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patong - skip it

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If you are ever in Thailand and think that Patong might be a good option...don't.  Run as far away as you can.  This picture depicts the only good thing about Patong which was the sunny sky which enabled me to spend time with friends.

I won't go on and on about the horrors of Patong because I don't want to be negative or belabor the point but seriously...Patong is awful.   

bangkok - exploration adventure

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The first thing I saw on my solo adventure.  This is fish cured in salt.  There were kittens sitting underneath these baskets.  

My eye was drawn to the beautiful symmetry of the arrangements.


I can't help but believe this fish would be tasty!  It was stuffed with lemon grass, garlic, and other bits I couldn't recognize.  

I didn't have the courage to try it unfortunately.  

I kept seeing these mysterious alleys so I decided to go down one and I was completely rewarded with a crazy fish market.  

The smell was pretty awful though...I won't lie.

I couldn't identify the the fish but I loved the patterns they all made stacked on top of one another row and row.  

Yay for ADVENTURE in Bangkok!

thailand - bangkok - day 1

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After what seems like a billion hours...we have finally made it to Bangkok.  We will spend a couple of days here then head to Patong for a couple of days then Phuket for Jung and Karen's wedding!  We arrived to our hotel late last night and needed to decompress and grab a snack.  The only thing open was a 7-11 (hey global marketing)!  It was highly entertaining to look at the variety of snacks like seaweed Lays potato chips!  We opted for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich which was oddly perfect!  

This morning I woke up early before everyone else so I decided to have some coffee (which I'm happy to report is tasty) and document my thoughts a little bit.  Our hotel is on the river and it's great to watch the early morning activity of boats taking people to work, hauling cargo, and facilitating life in Bangkok.  I am excited for the journey ahead of us and feel very curious about Asia.  I'm think I'm going to go exlore!

ranweli part 1

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wow. wow. wow.  

I can tell that we are in for a great adventure.  From the moment I stepped off of the plane in Sri Lanka to checking into my room at Ranweli, I have been in awe.  The airport was decorated for the holidays with gold garland and all kinds of interesting holiday bits.  The sounds and smells are completely foreign here.  The one thing that is clearly universal though?  FACEBOOK!  There were many places for people to plug in and almost every screen I saw was open to Facebook.  I love it.

On our drive, my friend and I chatted about our travels as I pointed and stared at all the sites.  I saw vendors on the side of the road with sides of beef and pork out drying in the hot humid night.  I couldn't wait to see it all again tomorrow when we left for the wedding location and our villa. 

Our driver dropped us off on one side of a river stream where we were picked up by a wooden flat boat that ferried passengers to the eco-lodge.  It clearly gives you the impression that you are leaving one place and arriving at a different place (if that makes any sense).  It was dark when I arrived which was perfect.  It was very quiet and the lighting on the property was unique and inviting.  

The next day I woke up quite early and peeked out my window.  I felt like a girl on Christmas morning as I realized that each unit is an individual free standing building with mangroves in front of them.  Just a short walk beyond that was the ocean.  I ran out and snapped a couple of pictures and quickly realized that what I clearly needed was coffee.  I'm happy to report that not only was the coffee great, but the sites or Ranweli are pretty fantastic as well.  I highly highly recommend you check it out if you are ever in Sri Lanka or anywhere close to it!


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