Francesca by El Mac

Submitted by Sarah Kelly on Tue, 2010-03-23 17:00

We just got this piece by El Mac from the Known Gallery for my client.  I'm completely in love with it!  

It was done all free hand with Rustoleum spray paint.  

one night in bangkok

Submitted by Sarah Kelly on Fri, 2010-02-19 17:00

We had one night to kill before we returned home.  My friend had done some extensive research and found this really charming little spot in Bangkok which we were really excited to stay at.  We had a small list of things we wanted to do our last night so we were going to get settled and go out.  After checking in I got a call saying our flight had been cancelled and I should call a number to reschedule my flight.  Hmmm...that's odd.  We were all on the same flight but I was the only one who got called.  I told the rest and set out to see what I could figure out.  Long story short...I was the only one who got out that night.  Everyone else had to stay a couple of extra days or fly to Australia to get out.  You would think that there would be several flights out of Thailand daily but as it turns out not so much.  To further complicate things, Thailand was experiencing some civil unrest and there was the concern that the airports would shut down too.  Eek!  Sadly I did not get to stay at the sweet inn but I was able to snap some pictures before I had to go to the airport in the middle of the night.  


hello beautiful.

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phra nang beach day 2, thailand

Submitted by Sarah Kelly on Mon, 2010-02-15 17:00

I was in need of a little solo time so I headed out to take a walk.  I had the equivelent of about $5 in my pocket and no plan which was greatly rewarded.  I walked quite a ways and came to a whole different beach that I didn't even know existed!  What immediately caught my eye was the entrance to a cave which I could see had a lot of colorful bits inside so I decided to investigate further.  You can imagine my surprise when I realized it was hundreds and hundreds of penises in all shapes and sizes and colors!  What the?  

Wow!  How unexpected!  There are a couple of different stories about this cave.  One is that an Indian princess died in a shipwreck off shore and her ghost occupied the cave.  Another story is that a fisherman's wife went to the cave to wait all the remaining days of her life for her husband to return which he neverdid.  To this day, local fisherman and boat men still make offerings (insense, food, or flowers) to ensure their safe journey.

What is unclear is how the cave became also associated with fertility and how all of the penises got there.  Legend has it that people who are trying to conceive come to this cave to increase their chances.  Do they also make offerings?  That was all very interesting so I snaped some shots and decided to move along.  What I came across next was well...heaven.


Once I saw the white sand and long boats lined up I knew I had stumbled onto something special.  I decided I would spend the day there but all I had was $5.  As it turns out I was able to get a sarong, beach mat, bottle of water, and a sandwich!  I was set!  I layed down and had such a wonderful and tranquil day.  It was one of those experiences where I felt profound gratitude.  

railay beach day 1, thailand

Submitted by Sarah Kelly on Sun, 2010-02-14 17:00

We took a speed boat from Phuket to Railay Beach today.  While technically Railay is attached to a larger body of land, it feels like an island because of the huge rock formations that surround it.  The boat ride gave you the impression that we were leaving one type of Thailand experience and getting ready to enter into another.  We stopped along the way to do some swimming and snorkeling which was fantastic!  

There are several islands on the south side of Thailand and perhaps the most famous is Ko Pi Pi which was completely devestated from the tsunami 2 years prior.  I hope to make it over there on a day excursion to do some snorkeling which I hear is some of the best in the world.  I'm enchanted by the color of the sky, water, and beaches here.  There is somethig so pleasing to my eye about them that it is hard to describe.  I feel so completely and thoroughly content that I'm certain I could spend a lifetime looking at the ocean.

Tomorrow I will set out to spend a little solo exploration time on the island.  Traveling with a large group of people can be exhausting and I could use a little decompression.  More to come!


villa santisuk - phuket thailand

Submitted by Sarah Kelly on Fri, 2010-02-12 17:00
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