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Sadly we had to leave our villa (aka HEAVEN), but our next destination was incredibly special as well.  We traveled from the south east side to the south west side of the to go on a safari!  The hotel we stayed at is new (meaning not completed) and situated on a very large man made lake.  It was interesting because there were trees that were submerged under water and clearly home to literally thousands of different types of birds.  If you are an avid bird watcher...Sri Lanka is your place.  One of our friends convinced a couple of guys to take us on a boat tour of the lake and it was as interesting as the safari was.  

Tomorrow we make our LONG way back towards the north where we will drop people off all along the way.  We've all had such a great trip together and it's hard to imagine that this is the end of our time together.  A couple of different friends will be joining me back at Ranweli for our last night/day in Sri Lanka and then my friend Kathy and I will head to Hong Kong for a few nights!  I hope I can get a massage before we head to Hong Kong!!!



antique shopping in sri lanka? yes please!

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the wedding

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Today was John and Allison's wedding and the sheer joy and happiness that the two of them bring to one another is nothing short of inspirational.  I love it!  I love them!  Congratulations you guys and thanks for including me in such a special occassion.  



heaven...I always wondered what you would look like. now I know.

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Yesterday Brian and I drove for what seemed like hours upon hours to get to our villa.  We were so tired but so happy once we arrived.  Not because we were finally able to get out of the car and stretch.  Not because we were able to get some food. was because we had arrived in heaven.  



ranweli part 1

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wow. wow. wow.

I feel like I'm in a movie!  You could even que the music to start as soon as we stepped off the plane.  We are clearly in for an adventure of a lifetime!  We arrived in Sri Lanka late in the evening where I met up with my friend to head to Ranweli.  I had to stop a few times to just take it all in.  The airport was decorated for the holidays with A LOT of gold garland and other holiday bits.  The sounds and smells all foreign.  The one thing that is the same around the world?  FACEBOOK!!!  I had to laugh because there were several stations for people to be able to plug in their laptops and everyone had their screens open to Facebook.  The world is becoming smaller and smaller by the minute.

On the way to Ranweli I caught up with my friend about our travels while commenting on the interesting things we saw along the way.  There were sides of cows and pigs drying out in the open air and vendors all along the road.  Don't even get me started on the driving.  Fortunately, I had just returned from Dominica so I've learned to just release my panic about it.

As we approached Ranweli, our driver dropped us off on one side of the river where a large flat bottom boat made of bamboo picked us up and ferried us across the river.  I learned about this place from the architect that we are working with on the Dominica project so I was really looking forward to seeing what it was all about.  The boat really gave you the feeling that you were leaving one experience, and getting ready to have another.  It was quite dark out but the lighting design is fantastic.  Everything was warm and inviting, yet clearly honoring the dark sky initiative.  

I got settled into my room and woke up quite early the next morning.  When I looked out my window I was like a little girl on Christmas morning!  I was pleased to see that we were surrounded by gorgeous mangrove trees and that the beach and ocean was just steps beyond them!  I quickly grabbed my camera, went to have some breakfast, and set out to take a couple of pictures.  This place is such a unique treat and I'm really excited that we will be able to come back before heading back to Hong Kong.  It looks like their massage treatments are amazing!  All in all, I would highly highly recommend this place!!!  Check out their website


I need to chill out

Submitted by Sarah Kelly on Mon, 2011-01-17 17:00

I've arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong!!!  I am going to spend the night here and hang out tomorrow which will allow me to get my bearings.  My friends will join me here for a few hours then we reconverge in Bangkok where we will all fly into Sri Lanka together.  My friend is going to meet me at the airport and we are going to head north to check out an eco-lodge recommended to me by the architect working on the Dominica project.  I can't wait to get there but am sooooo happy to have time to adjust a little bit.  I've ordered room service and am completely enjoying the commercials on tv that I can't understand.


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