When Sarah Kelly was ten, she drew detailed floor plans to convert the family barn into an airy loft space in Indiana. Her first summer home from college, she took a sledgehammer to her bedroom walls to expose the brick underneath. Though always drawn to crafting experiences of textured beauty around her (and undaunted by the effort involved), it took Sarah an extended stint in the non-profit world and deep soul-searching to eventually identify her passion. Once she embarked on her true path however, validation was swift and resounding.

While taking design classes, Sarah started an internship that soon evolved into a position as Senior Designer at a firm specializing in sustainable interior design in Venice, California. Sarah’s fresh talent and impeccable eye for detail was quickly realized and she was promptly immersed in high-profile projects that included the Venice Beach Eco-Cottages, and Lexus Hybrid Living Suites at the Fairmont Hotels in San Francisco and Washington DC.  Sarah proved a quick study at spearheading high-stakes design projects with rapid turnaround times and complex needs. A recently unearthed Kindergarten report card bears evidence in fact that Sarah excelled at giving instructions from an admirably young age.

With several residential and commercial projects successfully delivered including her first international consulting project--an Eco Lodge on the Caribbean island of Dominica, Sarah provides focused, attentive service to clients through her own venture at SLK Design Studio. SLK Design Studio offers a full range of design services from conception to completion, tailored for inspired living. Sarah finds that her bachelor’s degree in Psychology serves her firm well in its exciting mission. Endlessly fascinated by the character of a person’s space, and the layered clues it offers about their personality, Sarah strives to create environments of beauty, comfort and practical luxury that engage her clients and bring them joy.

A passionate collector of stunning vintage pieces, Sarah is also launching a vintage furniture sourcing business to provide unique treasures in urban markets. Through this, she hopes to breathe new life into otherwise forgotten pieces and accessories while also fueling the creative spirit of her design studio.